And Your Interior Designer was born.

Your Interior Designer is here to inspire

  • you,
  • your favourite room,
  • your home,
  • your property sale,
  • your developments.

At your service to help you create an amazing lifestyle, additional value and much happiness regardless of budget.

Now all I need is YOU. I look forward to meeting you soon!


about us

I can’t think of a time when I‘ve entered a homewares or antique shop and my heart hasn’t pounded a little harder with excitement and anticipation of what I would find.

I remember ....

  • when a “cheap” weekend pastime was wandering in and out of display homes and feeling excited about creating something like that for myself one day.
  • how frustrated I was when renting with the overwhelming need to change it, paint and decorate.
  • when the time came to have my own house,  feeling frustrated by non existent budget and having to be incredibly creative, spending as little as possible to create my dream.

I decided, for fun, to undertake a Certificate of Interior Design. I loved the design challenges and couldn’t wait to use what I had learned in my own home. Several years later, I upgraded my skills with a Diploma of Interior Design and became a certified Home Stager (both with Honours).

​I'd never thought about turning my passion into a job until I had to perform a miracle to present an "in original condition" deceased estate for sale. With minimal cash injection and lots of creativity, we achieved a fabulous result that stunned even the Agent representing us.